Helper Systems

Release Notes

kOS 1.2 - December 15, 2023

Take advantage of new free features to supercharge your research process: 

  • chat with our AI directly in kOS, using your own OpenAI API key;
  • present your research as a configurable proof of work slideshow;
  • share self contained kBases with others, or export them in folders;
  • arrange your PDF files in custom order in gallery and table views; 
  • explore the word cloud via pan, zoom, and recenter functions;
  • include note highlights and more during PDF import and export;
  • view kBase statistics, rename PDF files, and rotate PDF pages;
  • benefit from many bug fixes and improvements.

Add new powerful premium features to your research toolbox:

  • select the scope of your AI interactions: document, section, page, text; 
  • zoom on highlights in your presentations, then export them to video;
  • keep self contained kBases dynamically linked to original PDF files;
  • export hyperlinked document data with word and note counts to CSV; 
  • create missing tables of contents or update existing ones;
  • configure various word cloud settings to improve readability;
  • create multipart excerpts to annotate and search your notes.

kOS 1.1 - August 21, 2023

Import and fully explore hundreds of PDFs in minutes, thanks to our much speedier content processing engine!

  • Take advantage of powerful new premium features to supercharge your research process: explore content in a brand new way using the Phrase Builder;
  • discover words and phrases common to multiple documents;
  • reduce noise by excluding irrelevant words from the word cloud;
  • highlight text excerpts and annotate them with tags and comments;
  • edit and reorder your notes as you see fit, and share them with others; 
  • export your lists of documents and associated metadata to CSV files.
  • All existing features are still free with some exciting new additions: 
  • navigate your documents in either gallery or table view;
  • mark documents, or even pages, as favorites for easy recall;
  • benefit from many bug fixes and improvements.

kOS 1.0 - March 4, 2023

Initial release