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A Superior Research Tool with Proof of Work


Restore the trust between students who want to use AI tools for research and faculty who need to ensure academic integrity with kOS EDU.

With kOS EDU, students and other researchers can now:

Create Searchable Databases of PDF files that reside on their desktop, shared drives, and the web, which are automatically indexed. kOS EDU will soon integrate with library catalogs and discovery systems.

Research Faster using summaries, table of contents, and document thumbnails that link directly to the source.

Discover More with the kOS Phrase Builder and word cloud that reveal hidden gems of information to explore.

Annotate with Ease – Take notes and make highlights directly in kOS or import documents with their annotations. They’ll never lose their work.

Cite Automatically when they copy and paste complete with a hyperlink back to the source. They’ll never lose their sources.

Use AI Responsibly – With document-focused AI, they can have conversations, make requests about their research, and view summaries of their content.

Show Proof of Work by creating a presentation that proves ChatGPT or other AI tools did not author it.

Institutions can now:

Integrate kOS with library databases, catalogs and discovery layers, increasing usage and value of existing resources.

Use kOS for their special collections and digital repositories, making large or small numbers of PDFs more useful and discoverable.

Leverage kOS for a powerful and completely different teaching tool.

Victoria Peters

“kOS is an amazing tool. We are thrilled to work with this innovative tool that makes productive use of artificial intelligence in the research process.”

~ Victoria Peters

Scholarly Communication and Cataloging Librarian, DePauw University

Kevin Wehr
“I use PDFs a lot, and most of the applications that I use for PDFs are cumbersome at best. kOS makes a lot of intuitive sense to me. I’m very intrigued.”
~ Dr. Kevin Wehr
Professor, Cal State Sacramento

kOS EDU currently supports PDFs on macOS computers. A web-based version that works with multiple file formats and PCs is forthcoming.

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Tish Wagner

Tish Wagner

Sales and Business Development
+1 (707) 225-7223