Helper Systems

AI Disclaimer

This year, we (Helper Systems, L.L.C.) set our sights on bringing exciting new features to kOS and, in the spirit of transparency, one of our core values, we are sharing this notice with you to elaborate on some features in particular:

We are releasing opt-in artificial intelligence features through OpenAI, L.L.C. (“OpenAI”), that will allow you (the User) to have conversations with generative AI about your specific files. All AI features are opt-in, so if there are any files of a confidential nature in your possession that you would rather not have subprocessed by OpenAI, there is no action necessary on your part. We as always will leave your data and your kBases to your discretion.

Should you opt in to our new AI features, OpenAI will subprocess the files sent to them according to their API privacy policy. You also may be prompted to log in to OpenAI, in which case you will deal directly with their user privacy policy. In our opinion, OpenAI’s privacy policy meets our high standards, and we feel that you should be perfectly comfortable using their features, else we would not offer them to you.

Open AI features do not impact the existing Helper Systems privacy policy, as we do not currently collect ANY user data through our product. Your data in kOS is only subject to the people or subprocessors to which you send it and, as always, remains your own.

Read our privacy policy.

Ask us questions.

Stay curious, and enjoy the new features!

The Helper Systems Team