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“I use PDFs a lot, and most of the applications that I use for PDFs are cumbersome at best.
kOS makes a lot of intuitive sense to me. I’m very intrigued.”
Dr. Kevin WehrProfessor, Cal State Sacramento
“I want kOS now! Every student will want kOS.”James WiserDean of Library Services & Educational Technology
Abilene Christian University
"The PDF is likely to remain the standard tool for preserving scholarly information.
A program such as kOS will give users the ability to give added value to their research
and will surely find a home with scholars around the world.”
Terry BallardInformation Today
"kOS 1.0 is amazing! Where has this been all my life? I’m dumbstruck."Alastair WilliamsProfessor of History, Humanities & Social Sciences
Clarkson University

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