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Improve Your Research, Provide Proof of Work

Helper Systems has developed technology that restores the trust between students who want to use AI tools for research and faculty who need to ensure academic integrity. With kOS (pronounced chaos), students can easily provide proof of work using a platform that significantly simplifies and enhances the research process in ways never before possible.

  • Add PDF files from your desktop, shared drives or the web 
  • Annotate them if you desire
  • Use AI responsibly, knowing when information is generated from your research vs. the web
  • Instantly create a presentation of all your resources
  • Share and prove your work
  • Try other cool features that offer a unique way to find, organize, discover, archive, and present information

Use It Or Lose It

Folders Reimagined

kOS introduces a new concept for folders with instant access to table of contents, document thumbnails, word cloud and indexes exposing number of word occurrences across all your documents.

Gain Context and Insight

kOS exposes words, phrases and concepts and displays that information graphically.

Copy and Share Citations

kOS makes sharing of excerpts seamless by automatically including citations, sharing across devices and apps, and easily linking back to your kOS database.

Save Time Exploring Sets of Data

kOS saves you time by allowing you to explore multiple sets of PDF files at once.

Use AI Ethically and Responsibly

kOS restores the trust between students who want to use AI tools for research and faculty who need to ensure academic integrity.

Proof of Work

kOS lets users build presentations that showcase the process taken in ones research.


Private and Secure

kOS does not use servers, ensuring privacy, and does not require Internet access to function.

Free features

Get started at no cost to improve the way you do research.

  • Gather and index PDF documents in repositories known as kBases
  • Explore content using table of contents, page thumbnails, and word cloud
  • Converse with the AI, asking any question in the general scope of the web
  • Generate a slide presentation from pages in a playlist of documents

Premium features

Access a powerful set of premium features with our free 6-month trial, then switch to a $9.99 monthly subscription.

  • Ask our AI anything about any document, section, page, or excerpt
  • Read summaries of documents to focus on the most relevant ones
  • Explore content in a brand new way using the Phrase Builder™
  • Discover words and phrases common to multiple documents
  • Reduce noise by excluding irrelevant words from the word cloud
  • Highlight content excerpts and annotate them with tags and comments
  • Create excerpts made of multiple parts, even over several pages
  • Search, edit, and reorder your notes as you see fit, then share them
  • Zoom on highlights in presentations, then export them to video files
  • Edit the tables of contents of documents to facilitate their exploration
  • Embed documents linked to the originals in self-contained kBases
  • Export lists of documents and concepts with metadata to CSV files
  • Archive entire kBases as folders of improved and annotated PDFs
  • Customize more aspects of the application for your convenience